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Stress Less.
Make More.
Why Cultivators Choose SISU
Make more, stay informed, and focus on what you love. All it takes is one visit from SISU to convert your cannabis into profits. SISU stands by its consistent track record of positive farm relations. Biomass and flower is secure and backed by the stability of one of the largest manufacturers & supply chains in the state. Stay up to date with dedicated customer service and our transparent processes.
We Paid 478 Cultivators $86M in 2020
We’ve established California’s largest bulk sales pipeline to provide year-round, stable sales of flower & oil.
Biomass 70/30: How It Works
1. Pickup
We pickup & transport anywhere in California
2. Testing
Biomass is sampled & tested
3. Extraction
We produce up to 100L of distillate a day
4. Sales
Distillate is sold through our statewide showrooms & robust network branded clients.
5. 70/30 Payment
70% of the profits for distillate paid out to the cultivator
Calculate Biomass Profits

SISU Bulk Flower Services



* Estimate is prior to deduction of cultivation taxes and transportation costs
Your Life With SISU...
Relaxing, exercising, sleeping. Not selling weed.
Your Weed With SISU...
Safe, secure & available for sale 24/7, statewide.
Work Smarter Not Harder With SISU!
Bulk Flower Market Pricing
Full Term
SISU Trimming Services
Machine Trim
Machine + Hand
Competitive pricing, led by a team with 30+ years of trimming experiences
What Folks Say About SISU...
“SISU is beating everyone else we’ve worked with hands down. They respond quickly, communicate well and pay the cultivators way more. It's quicker, it's simple. I don't know why everyone doesn't use SISU.”
- Maria, PJC Farms
“There is a lack of professionalism in the market & that's where SISU brings a new vibe to the industry. SISU is like weed guys but professional, its f*cking awesome.”
- Manny, Humboldt Exotics
“Despite all the comedy, SISU takes their relationships & their dedication to quality very seriously. I personally appreciate the fun & light attitude in their advertising because it's important to smile. SISU makes me smile & SISU can make you smile too!”
- Hannah White, Emerald Queen Farms
“We love working with SISU because of their transparency within their sales process, we also appreciate the way the process is structured. It allows us to set our ask price which really empowers the farmer & allows us to be able to get the best possible price for our flower. What we do is really hard work & SISU seems to really understand that & they also want us to succeed.”
- Shannon & Tim, Full Cup Farmstead
“Selling flower through SISU has been incredibly effortless. We package it like we would in the 215 days and SISU takes care of the rest. We don't have to worry about not getting paid & we know that, as long as the flower is high quality & priced right, it gets moved in 2 or 3 weeks upon pickup.”
- Kris, LitHouse Farms
“SISU processes our trim & sells our flower. It's cut & dry - They give us a 70/30 Split for trim and sell our flower through their LA Showroom. SISU gives cultivators hope that we can sustain in the cannabis industry & support our families while doing what we love.”
- Forrest, Cowboy Brand Co.
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