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Bulk Purchasing With SISU
Simplify sourcing & purchasing of cannabis bulk products. Utilizing our large network of farms we make premium flower & extracts easily available to you. Schedule an appointment now to purchase products from our showroom nearest you.
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Have you ever seen hundreds of strains in one showroom? We hadn't either until we built ours!
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Hundreds of strains in stock every day
Ultra grade, clean, consistent
Winterized, uniform bulk batches
Enormous selection of high end concentrates
We have what you want when you want it. With competitive pricing! Stop sourcing and start selling!
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SISU Vape Cartridge White Labeling
Custom Formulations
Botanical or cannabis derived (HTE, Live Resin, CDT) terpenes. Blended specifically for your brand.
Bulk Cartridge Filling
Value, quality, & premium options available.
Full Service - Retail Ready
Formulated, filled, packaged, compliance tested and delivered!
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