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In today's market, we all need to make every dollar we can. Don't overlook the potential for profits in your biomass. Get every dollar you can with Sisu.

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How it works

Pickup Biomass
1. Pickup
We pickup and transport your product from anywhere in California.
Micro-extract Product
2. Micro-Extraction
We micro-extract and test product with best in class industry standards.
Test Product for Compliance
3. Testing
We test for Cat 3 pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and microbials to ensure clean compliant finished product.
Extract Distillate
4. Extraction
Our state of the art facility extracts, refines, and distills high potency concentrates for some of the largest brands in California.
Sell Distillate
5. Sales
Finished product is sold across the state to the largest brands in California.
Pay Farmers
6. Payment
Farmers are paid for their hard work.
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